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100% free profiles for real estate agents

December 30, 2008
Hopefully this will get your new year started on a positive note

Hopefully this will get your new year started on a positive note

The economy’s in the tank (no news there), and real estate sales are… well, at the bottom of that tank, with just 416 sales in Edmonton in December, so far. (The Edmonton Real Estate Blog is good for giving such sales updates.)

That’s why we at have decided not to charge for agent marketing profiles. Well, that’s not the only reason, but that’s a big & good one.

No charge for marketing profiles on
Yup, $0. Totally free. So whether you have a marketing profile or not (see an example of one here), there’s really no reason not to participate in — and let your clients help you with your marketing. …Not that we’re pressuring you to join! 🙂 We’re just knocking down barriers for those agents who can benefit from our services but may not be doing well enough to provide anything in return right now.

What does a “free profile” mean? 
Y’know when you sign up for a free version of something, like, say, some software application, and you get this really watered down version where you have to pay to add on all the stuff you really need? Well, we’re not going to put you through that. You get all the bells & whistles that are available today, including:

  • Your photo
  • Your marketing messaging
  • Your contact info
  • A property listing
  • Add-a-comment (testimonial) feature
  • Email updates every time someone leaves you a review
  • Details about activity on your account (on your sign-in page)

For free.

Well, how is going to make money?
Dunno. Got any ideas? 😉 We’ll see. But what matters right now and for as long as our little site is around is that Edmonton real estate agents, Sherwood Park real estate agents, St. Albert real estate agents… and every agent across Alberta & the country (as soon as we go national) will be able to get a free profile. And that profile — with all the wingdings listed above — will cost you a whopping nuthin’.

What do you think about that? Let us know!



5 profiles. 19 realtors. 36 reviews. 1 lawyer. In 10 days.

September 5, 2008

So we launched about 10 days ago. (It’s still awesome to write that — it was a loooooong time in the making.) And we’ve since had 36 clients leave reviews for 19 realtors, 5 of whom have signed up for our free 60-day trial.

Today, we got our first letter from a legal department. It’s around the use of the word “realtor”, which we understand to be a commonly used noun, but which others are trying to protect the trademark of. We have until next Friday to sort that issue out… or else! (dun dun dun….) So, we’re working on it. 🙂

And, as we found out last weekend, the weekends are very, very, very slow. So we’re not expecting much activity. Boo. That’s too bad.

Oh, we’re advertising like crazy with Facebook ads. (Three targeted ads running right now. I mean, it’s “advertising like crazy” for us. 🙂 ) We tried Google PPC, but we spent a lot of money on it… and didn’t get many results. PPC will probably work better when we have more realtors to search through.

Here’s hoping this weekend is better than last………

Ooooh……. media contact from St. Albert paper

August 28, 2008

Looks like someone’s let it out that our site is up and running. (Gina, was it you? If so, thanks!) Thanks to whomever did that…….

Actually, we haven’t yet sent out a press release. (We wanted to make sure the site worked, first; and we’ve now noticed the IE 6.0 users are having trouble with it. Please upgrade to IE 7.0 —- it’s free!)

Apparently, the reporter from the St. Albert Gazette (I think that’s the one) contacted our hosting company, BlueHost, to get our contact info. The guy from BlueHost, bless his heart, contacted us.

Yay! Well, I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’m hopeful. Let’s see how this goes…….. 🙂