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Why do I blog?

December 22, 2008
Blogging to keep a record for my graduate school final project

Blogging to keep a record for my graduate school final project is not only a Web site but also a case study, which is part of my final project for my graduate program. (I’m very interested in social media and, in my day job, I drive the social media marketing team. My grad studies are helping me to fuel my passion from an academic perspective.) The topic of/thesis for my final project isn’t worked out perfectly, but it revolves around these questions:

  • How can professionals & organizations market themselves online today when they do not necessarily control the messages about themselves &/or their companies?
  • Can a self-serving organization truly release control of their messages to users/the public at large? How much does an organization need to control the messages about it?–to what lengths will they go to keep messages coralled?
  • And, finally, what happens when you surrender total control and let people say what they will about you?–what kinds of professionals & organizations are doing this successfully… & unsuccessfully?

This blog has been not a way to voice my opinion — although it seems to have become that — but rather a journal of happenings that I will be able to use to compose the case study element of my final project. The majority of the entries in this blog are here simply as a record of happenings. An artifact. (more…)


Socially responsible social networking / social marketing

August 1, 2008

We’re a pretty socially responsible sort of group here at We volunteer with local organizations like Basically BabiesHabitat for Humanity Edmonton and Food for Thought, and we’ve been involved with fundraising, volunteering and sitting on committees for Stollery Children Hospital’s Foundation, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and other large non-profits.

We knew that we’d want to be a socially responsible organization.

At the same time, we’d been struggling with a real issue for our site: How to motivate people to leave realtor reviews. We’re in marketing —- we know it’s important to focus on “What’s in it for me?” We had WIIFM covered for realtors and for people searching for realtors… but not so much for people leaving reviews.

Put your hands together
On the one hand, social responsibility. On the other, motivating reviewers. Together, we came up with this: Donate $1 to a non-profit of our choice for every review left. (more…)

Adding a new partner

July 28, 2008

We found out fairly early on that our team of 3 – made up of a Web experience guy, a developer and a content writer – wouldn’t be quite enough. We were missing a fairly critical element, even for the low-key kinda site we wanted: a designer. Someone who could basically take our PPT wireframes/mockups and turn them into jpgs in Photoshop.

We didn’t want to just throw partnerships at any ol’ Joe walking down the street, so we started by paying a designer. We used an awesome company called Confetti Creations (out of Calgary, AB) for our logo – they turned it around pretty fast, and we were wicked-happy with the results. But we’re also POOR! So we couldn’t afford to keep using a designer for all the pages we’d need developed. And, given that we’re based in Edmonton, we wanted to work with someone a bit closer to us.  (more…)