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Why do I blog?

December 22, 2008
Blogging to keep a record for my graduate school final project

Blogging to keep a record for my graduate school final project is not only a Web site but also a case study, which is part of my final project for my graduate program. (I’m very interested in social media and, in my day job, I drive the social media marketing team. My grad studies are helping me to fuel my passion from an academic perspective.) The topic of/thesis for my final project isn’t worked out perfectly, but it revolves around these questions:

  • How can professionals & organizations market themselves online today when they do not necessarily control the messages about themselves &/or their companies?
  • Can a self-serving organization truly release control of their messages to users/the public at large? How much does an organization need to control the messages about it?–to what lengths will they go to keep messages coralled?
  • And, finally, what happens when you surrender total control and let people say what they will about you?–what kinds of professionals & organizations are doing this successfully… & unsuccessfully?

This blog has been not a way to voice my opinion — although it seems to have become that — but rather a journal of happenings that I will be able to use to compose the case study element of my final project. The majority of the entries in this blog are here simply as a record of happenings. An artifact. (more…)


Real Estate 2.0 – Inman gets it right

October 17, 2008

For those of you who subscribe to Inman news, you’ll probably have read Bernice Ross’s article or post on Web Marketing 2.0. It’s definitely worth the read. Here’s what I posted as a comment on her article, which I thought I’d share with you.

Bernice, this post hits on the new reality, which is that the next generations of homebuyers and sellers will not *fall for* the marketing messages that real estate professionals put in front of them; nor will they travel all the way to your site for a boring experience when they’re already using fun sites that can help them find the right agents, the right homes, etc.

So, how do you market yourself online today?

Blogs are fine… but, as noted, they’re hard to keep up because *you* generate the content… and you’re too busy for that. (And, with a new blog created every second, they’re also old news.) *You* also generate the content on, and *you* have to do all the work to try to get followers, which is not easy.

What Real Estate 2.0 actually allows is more user-generated content. That’s where the value is. Let your customers do your marketing for you! I mean, it’s the absolute easiest way to market yourself. Engage in “profile marketing”, as Bernice pointed out, and just let the people you’ve served well talk you up to the 1000s of people visiting customer review sites every day. Oh, and the people who find you on agent review sites are actually qualified leads because they’re actually looking for an agent… unlike on your personal site, where they’re just filling in your registration form in order to see your listings before they leave your site. does it for hotels. does it for lawyers. does it for small businesses. does it for products. And does it for real estate agents in Canada.


Fill out an application to get an agent referral? What?!?!?!

October 10, 2008

So, I just came across this site called AgentForMe, and it actually asks people who are looking for a real estate agent to complete an application.

That’s right. You’re about to pay an agent some huge commission… and you have to fill out an application? Shouldn’t the agent be filling out the application to win the job with you?

Amazing…….. Good thing the real estate agents on don’t put you through anything like that. Nope, it’s just 5 little clicks —- yes, 5 clicks —- to get a list of agents in the Edmonton area and start reading their reviews.

It shouldn’t be HARD for the customers.