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Postcards arriving soon, agents!

December 4, 2008
The front of the postcard

The front of the postcard

If you’re a real estate agent with a profile on our site, then you can look forward to receiving in the mail (if you haven’t already) a package of postcards.

What are these postcards for?
Well, if you have a profile on our site, then you already know that we strongly encourage you “manage your reputation before it manages you.” These postcards wil help with that.

The idea is that you can take the postcards, hand them out to your clients when you close on a deal with them (or run into them in Starbucks) and simply ask them to review you on the site —- the postcard is their reminder to do so.

What’s on the postcard?
The front is the bright card you see here. The back is a message that:

  • Thanks the client for choosing to work with you
  • Tells them about
  • Invites them to rate you to tell you what you did right and if you need a little improvement in an area
  • Lists out the steps to take to rate you

There’s also space at the bottom of the card where you can sign your name or place your business stamp.

Hope these cards help! We know it can be challenging to work up the nerve to ask for a review/recommendation from a client, so hopefully these cards will help make it a little easier. (Handing over something may help? At least it keeps your hands busy and gives them something to look at instead of just staring blankly at you. šŸ™‚ )



What does that mean, consumer advocacy / activism?

November 26, 2008
Do you advocate on behalf of all customers... or just your clients?

Do you advocate on behalf of all customers... or just your clients?

It’s too bad that, prior to the advent of the Web — and, in particular, social media and elevating the customer voice — the only organizations that advocated on behalf of the customer were non-profit consumer advocacy groups.Ā Because they weren’t bringing in any revenue, those groupsĀ weren’t really been able to finance marketing initiatives and other tactics to get the word out about defending customer rights and freedoms.

So, until the Web rolled around, no one really understood just how much power the customer ought to have. Even customers didn’t seem sure if they should question things or just accept the status quo.

But, now, if the consumer wants to find out information about his/her rights, about a product s/he is researching or, as it may be, about a real estate agent to whom a friend has referred him/her, they just (more…)

I can’t blame agents for focusing on the negative

November 19, 2008
The kettle is black!

Said the pot: The kettle is black!

I’m a hypocrite. It’s official. The girl who’s all about honest feedback has had a [very minor] epiphany: I’ve been a touch frustrated that a very small number of real estate agents aren’t responding well to… and all the while I’ve failed to see that we at WCS are in the same position as those agents: Neither of us wants anyone to be negative about us.

Just as I expect the agents to take the negative as well as the positive, I should take the unhappy reactions to our site at least as well as I take the kudos we’ve received.

And we have received kudos
Some agents have written to say that this real estate agent rating site is a great idea. They’ve asked us to go to Victoria, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. (And we plan to! Learn more as we approach Jan 1 09.) We do little jigs everytime we get that great feedback. (more…)

Adding a new partner

July 28, 2008

We found out fairly early on that our team of 3 – made up of a Web experience guy, a developer and a content writer – wouldn’t be quite enough. We were missing a fairly critical element, even for the low-key kinda site we wanted: a designer. Someone who could basically take our PPT wireframes/mockups and turn them into jpgs in Photoshop.

We didn’t want to just throw partnerships at any ol’ Joe walking down the street, so we started by paying a designer. We used an awesome company called Confetti Creations (out of Calgary, AB) for our logo – they turned it around pretty fast, and we were wicked-happy with the results. But we’re also POOR! So we couldn’t afford to keep using a designer for all the pages we’d needĀ developed. And,Ā given that we’re based in Edmonton, we wanted to work with someone a bit closer to us.Ā  (more…)