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Long time, no blog…

March 7, 2009

Perhaps I’m just as caught up as everyone else is re: the economic crisis, but it’s been a bit tough getting back to this blog.

Here’s where we’re at: We’re in the midst of planning our Canada-wide expansion, thanks to all the great activity that’s happened in Edmonton (yay for Edmonton real estate). But, as with all things that you think should be as simple as the flick of a switch (like getting your cable hooked up — why DOES it take so much work to get cable?! 🙂 ), this expansion is going to take longer than expected.

We’re thinking of going into the US. Yuppers. Why not, right? Canada’s one of the toughest places to get a site like this going… so, I mean, if we can do it here (at least in Edmonton), why not try the US, too?

Hope you’re surviving the changing times,