Why do I blog?

Blogging to keep a record for my graduate school final project

Blogging to keep a record for my graduate school final project

WhatCustomersSay.com is not only a Web site but also a case study, which is part of my final project for my graduate program. (I’m very interested in social media and, in my day job, I drive the social media marketing team. My grad studies are helping me to fuel my passion from an academic perspective.) The topic of/thesis for my final project isn’t worked out perfectly, but it revolves around these questions:

  • How can professionals & organizations market themselves online today when they do not necessarily control the messages about themselves &/or their companies?
  • Can a self-serving organization truly release control of their messages to users/the public at large? How much does an organization need to control the messages about it?–to what lengths will they go to keep messages coralled?
  • And, finally, what happens when you surrender total control and let people say what they will about you?–what kinds of professionals & organizations are doing this successfully… & unsuccessfully?

This blog has been not a way to voice my opinion — although it seems to have become that — but rather a journal of happenings that I will be able to use to compose the case study element of my final project. The majority of the entries in this blog are here simply as a record of happenings. An artifact.

So why don’t I keep my journal/blog private?
I like the input. Rather, I need the input. Am I seeing things the right way? Am I wrong about something? I need readers to tell me. And controlling my own messages isn’t exactly acting with integrity or transparency, given my topic, is it? How can I expect others to open themselves up to the public if I won’t do it myself?

Why didn’t I write about this sooner?
One of my profs asked the same question — it’s a great question. And the answer is simply this: I haven’t wanted to alter or influence the way people respond to me. If you knew all along that this was a study in control issues that marketers have, would you want to come off as controlling?–or would you be overly controlling to prove a point?

I’m writing about this now because I think it’s time. Plain and simple. I wish I had more complex answers than I do… but “get to the point” is kinda my motto, so………



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